Verify a Contractor or Business

Are you sure of reliability of your clients/personnel? Roguish schemes are quite distributed in Russia, and it is better to check the partners that joint business was successful and long-term.

JoinRussia renders service in full or partial check of contractors. We use various analytical and informational bases to define reliability of information provided by partners, to check history of their business, financial situation, judicial claims against this companies etc. The confidence in tomorrow's day for the head of the company means the confidence of the business partners. Very often companies deliver goods and services for million dollars without advance payment, so there is a risk of nonpayment or other frauds. It is important to know as much as possible about the partner to estimate trust degree.

General Information

Name, date of registration, legal address and phone, TIN, КРР (tax registration reason code, PSRN, Russian National Classifier of Businesses and Organizations, CEO, founders, authorized capital, kinds of activity, registration in RPF, the Social Insurance Fund, Federal Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, the founded legal entities, arbitration practice.

Additional information

Accounting reports, affiliation of the legal entity under the CEO and founders, short data on the related legal entities, history of changes of the enterprise (the name, the address, phone, founders, directors, authorized capital).

Identification of unreliability’s risks

Actual address, contact information of the company, separate divisions, subsidiaries, data on the licensed kinds of activity, check of the director and founders on existence of a criminal, administrative, civil liability, executive productions, data on the chief accountant, the main account of the company, number of workers, the main contractors, data on bankruptcy, the analyst's conclusions.

Competitive Intelligence

Changes of Unified State Register of Legal Entities, expanded data on the director and founders, their families, additional settlement accounts, the stay facts in "black" lists, analytics of mass media and other publications about activity of the enterprise, studying of the site of the company (identification of the ip-address, the owner, postal addresses and documents in open access), an assessment of financial trust, reverification of the received data in the location of the company.